A brief analysis of the correlation or relationship between big data and smart hotel management. In recent years, with the vigorous development of our country’s science and technology economy. All walks of life in social life have made rapid development and progress, as has the hotel management industry. Under the fast-paced development trend, we are constantly exploring innovative development models and methods. In the past two years, our society has gradually entered the era of big data.

Here are the articles to explain, A brief analysis of the Correlation or Relationship between Big Data and Smart Hotel Management!

Hotel management has also grasped the development trend of the era of big data. Optimized and adjusted the management model, and introduced intelligent management models. And methods to help hotels collect and organize data and information of staying customers more conveniently and quickly. Which has greatly improved the work efficiency of hotel management. Not only that, but it also greatly reduces the expenditure of labor and capital costs. Of course, there are also a series of problems to solve. This article will make a brief analysis of this point for reference.


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The intelligent management of hotels can provide a great convenience for their collation of data and information. And the collation technology of data and information will also be more convenient in the context of the era of big data. In recent years, the introduction of data information technology in hotels has not only received the key attention of the hotel industry. But also received widespread attention from relevant experts and technical personnel from all walks of life.

This is because the transformation of intelligent hotel management will have a positive impact on the lives and work of the majority of people. Relevant management personnel should invest more energy and capital costs in this work to promote the progress and development of the entire industry.

Big Data and Smart Hotel Management

Related concept elaboration

The so-called big data is through the collection and collation of many aspects of data and information, integrated into a huge database, this database contains the various data and information required in the work process. And can extract these data and information to assist in the subsequent work process. Under normal circumstances, the data information in this data and information base is dynamic with real-time changes.

The collection and collation of data and information is a continuous working state. Which can continuously collect customer information during the hotel’s work process, organize and summarize it, and store it in the data and information base. This work is very dependent on computer information technology and Internet technology. And it requires the relevant management personnel of the hotel to have a certain introduction of computer information technology equipment and Internet technology equipment to provide technical support for the work.

Smart Hotel Management

The concept of a smart hotel is not only intelligent. And automated management of the integration of data and information. But also the ability to provide customers with comprehensive digital information services through the network virtual platform. And the entire management system stands deeply optimized and improved through the introduction of network digital information technology. So that the management of the entire hotel can be as highly automated as possible.

Such improvements can greatly improve the work efficiency and work quality level of hotel management. And provide a great convenience for unified management changes. At the same time, a management system with a high level of automation can reduce unnecessary investment and waste of labor and capital costs, develop intended customer groups in a more targeted manner, and bring greater economic benefits to the hotel industry.

At the same time, it can also facilitate the realization of the multifaceted needs of the people for hotel occupancy. In addition, the innovation and optimization of smart hotels can also make more personalized reforms. Personalized hotels can improve the internal check-in content of the hotel for customers in need. And provide personalized hotel services based on standardized services. This has given hotel culture unprecedented development opportunities.

The current situation of big data application in smart hotel management

Opportunities for smart hotel management brought about by big data

The use of information technology has prompted tourists to change the traditional way of finding a room at a location and making a reservation by phone. And began to choose to use the website or various related apps to order hotels online. This online ordering method allows you to see the style of the hotel and make purchases online. Which is convenient and fast. Save time and improve efficiency.

There are also more and more people, whether they are eating out, buying air tickets or train tickets. They are also happy to use various related software to meet the various needs of daily life. Ordering hotels and other products online have also become a development trend. By collating the data obtained by consumers ordering hotels. It is possible to effectively analyze consumer consumption preferences and predict subsequent consumption.

In smart hotels, combined with the use of big data, through the collation of consumers’ booking needs and preferences. As well as the evaluation of hotels and other services, it is possible to analyze consumers’ needs for hotels in-depth. And then better improve hotel management. So that consumers’ satisfaction with the hotel stands generally improved, and the hotel can continue to be profitable.

The degree of application of smart hotels is low

Compared with traditional hotels, smart hotels have only appeared for a short time. And there are many problems in many aspects. Among them, when using the smart hotel management system, the advantages of big data DO not fully utilize. Which is a problem that most hotels have. Many hotels only rely on big data for sales and business reports and annual profit budgets. And do not pay attention to the research and development of big data.

This approach makes the use of big data impossible to play a real role at all, resulting in a great waste of resources. In the process of use, according to the regional characteristics of our country, the degree of use of big data from inland to coastal is showing an increasing trend. The use of big data in hotels in large cities in some developed areas is relatively good, and the use of big data in some underdeveloped areas is relatively poor.

The understanding of big data in hotel management is not comprehensive enough

The comprehensive application of smart hotels to modern information technology and computer Internet technology can create unprecedented opportunities for the development of the hotel industry, but there are still a large number of hotel companies in our country, and the management model used is still the traditional manual management in the past.

The arrival of the new era is too fast, leading to a large number of traditional hotel managers failing to make timely adjustments and optimize management, and the lack of new management concepts will inevitably hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of their hotels in the process of operation. Many hotels have imaginary problems. The customer’s data and information base is very large but has no practical connotation.

Many of the customer’s relevant data and information cannot stand rationally used in the follow-up work. If the validity of the customer information does not guarantee. The follow-up work cannot carry out normally. Just treat these data and information as the performance calculation at the time of check-in, maximizing the benefits will affect the long-term stable development of the hotel.

Data analysis

Based on my previous experience in the implementation of smart hotels. It can conclude that the vast majority of hotels will have major or minor problems in the collation of customer data and information. Even the use of smart and modern data information management technology by hotels is only to calculate performance. And customer occupancy rates are very common, and the related service-based management work has not stood implemented.

The data and information only stay in the business statements, and it is difficult to make further analysis and development. Which seriously wastes the data and information collected and organized by the hotel’s intelligent management. In this way, the original economic benefits will stand seriously hindered and the predetermined goals cannot achieve. However, many relevant management personnel of the hotel stands also limited to the collation of hotel profit and loss data. And the productivity-driven ability of modern data information technology cannot stand fully utilized.

The hotel’s basic service facilities are not comprehensive enough

For the majority of the people, the hotel industry is not only as simple as solving the problem of occupancy, especially in the context of the era of accelerating urbanization in recent years, the pursuit of a happy life by the majority of the people has gradually become higher, and the quality of life required is also rapidly improving. The services that hotels need to provide should closely follow the development trend of the times and transform the service content from simple check-in to all kinds of daily life content.

Providing quality sleep is not only a basic requirement but also includes high-quality catering services and services for malleable entertainment facilities. Only by establishing these developmental service facilities comprehensively can long-term. And stable development achieves, and the development of the hotel will not become a problem that managers worry about. Looking at hotel services across the country, there are still many hotels with incomplete service facilities. And they even stay at the level of traditional hotel services in the past.

Other things;

In addition to being able to provide customers with simple check-in services, even catering services cannot match. Although there will be some differences like hotels of different levels and levels, in the future development direction of hotels, only the core concepts that are innovative enough and keep pace with the times can stand for a long time. The current goal of establishing a smart hotel can also combine with these malleable development projects.

Computer information technology and Internet technology can not only apply to the collection. And collation of customer information but also to provide convenience in other services. For example, fast Internet can help customers always have an Internet experience. As an auxiliary experience in the process of experiencing hotel services. If the hotel’s malleable services can be more personalized. These technologies can also apply to corresponding services. So that customers can experience modern services in the hotel.

Although the development of these aspects requires the hotel to invest a certain amount of capital costs in the early construction stage, the intelligent management of the hotel will be able to help managers achieve higher economic benefits from many aspects of the long-term development path, including not only the capital cost investment of manpower and material resources but also the stable maintenance of customers and the new customers attracted by personalized service.

Big data Smart Hotel Management Response Strategy

Collection and collation of data and information

Smart hotels are based on the multi-faceted improvement and optimization management reform of data information technology, so the collection and collation of data and information will become the basic requirement in this reform. Relevant management personnel can meet relevant needs through the introduction of modern information technology equipment and the recruitment and training of professional and technical personnel.

In this way, it can provide basic conditions for the reform of smart hotels. Of course, in the process of continuous application of modern information technology, relevant management personnel should also pay attention to the upgrading of technical equipment, and should not stay on the initial introduction of equipment styles. In addition, regular training should carry out for the management of professionals. And technical personnel to ensure work efficiency and work quality in the daily work process.

Hotel room reservation

In a modern society with the rapid development of smartphones. Hotel check-in reservations can make through cooperation with some online booking apps. So that the majority of people can book hotel check-in in real-time through their smartphone terminals. You can book the check-in time and number of people according to your own needs. And you can also select room types and related supporting facilities and services online. In this way, the hotel’s occupancy rate and room booking efficiency can greatly improve.

Introduce a large number of management talents with big data thinking

With the development of the times, more and more people have been able to correctly recognize the importance of big data and apply big data to the development of the industry. The main purpose of big data is not to master complex and huge information, its purpose is to be able to process the data more professionally. And this process requires the introduction of a large number of management talents who understand big data and have big data thinking. Only by stockpiling more relevant talents can we better develop big data.

Therefore, to better develop smart hotels, it is necessary to introduce relevant talents. Hotels can establish cooperative relations with universities, hotels provide positions, and universities provide relevant big data talents for hotels to achieve a win-win situation. In addition, hotels can also recruit in society, and by increasing wages and benefits, they can encourage more talents to work in hotels on big data.

In the recruitment of talents, development engineers for big data applications should also introduce. Smart hotels have their development engineers, which can make the processing and utilization of data play a greater role. At the same time, it can ensure that when there is a problem with the system. It can effectively resolve in the shortest possible time to avoid economic losses due to data.

Reasonable integration of smart hotel management methods and big data

The capacity of big data is huge, there are many kinds, and the processing speed is very fast. However, in terms of smart hotel applications, there is still a need for certain integration with big data. In terms of the use of big data and smart hotels, it still takes a long time to run to be able to maximize its role. To promote the efficient integration of big data and smart hotels, hotel staff and professionals must guide, and the strong integration of the two can reduce hotel operating costs while highlighting the advantages of big data. In addition, unnecessary procedures in hotels should reduce, which can promote faster check-in in hotels.

Standardize the use of big data

Only by more standardized application of big data can the standardization and scale-up of smart hotels promote. If smart hotels want to develop better, they must give some correct guidance. So that smart tourism, smart cities, and smart hotels can develop together, and relevant data systems can establish. In terms of hotel information collection, more ways of storing data content should also adopt.

And according to the needs of users, the continuous mining of information carry out. But in the process of using big data, it is important to pay attention to the user’s privacy must guarantee. Although the application technology of big data is relatively critical, it should take the lead in development compared with other industries, and continue to reform and improve in development.

Optimize hotel information system

If a hotel wants to become a smart hotel, can better adapt to the times, and meet the development of customers. It is necessary to establish and improve the development of hotel information systems. In this process, hotels should fully rely on online travel platforms and learn from their experience. And advantages to creating a relatively independent information collection platform. So that customer information can stand better organized, thereby building a customer information database.

This is a process that requires long-term work, and the expected economic benefits will not achieve in a short period. Therefore, to plan for future economic benefits, smart hotels must also insist on doing it. The entire information system should be open and cannot close. If it closes, it will lose the importance of its existence. As far as the current situation is concerned, the hotel’s information collection system is still relatively sound. But it lacks an industry information-sharing mechanism.

In this way, it will lead to errors in the statistics of the data, so the role of big data cannot reflect. Which is extremely detrimental to the development of smart hotels. Therefore, to solve this problem, an information-sharing mechanism should form between smart hotels to achieve a win-win situation.

In the hotel customer check-in phase

When customers come to the hotel to check-in, it is an extremely important job for them to choose and book the hotel. Customers who come to a smart hotel for the first time, understand the hotel in the hotel, which is the first step for them to come hotel. In the process of customers’ understanding of the hotel, the most important thing is to conduct a scientific. And reasonable analysis of the types of customer check-in stages based on big data. And based on the analysis results, the professional level of smart hotels should improve. In the context of current information technology, more and more customers are booking hotels online.

When customers book and consume the hotel online, it is also a stage of maintaining the external image of the smart hotel. It is the various facilities of the hotel, as well as the brand effect and other influencing factors, that will encourage consumers to stay in the hotel. Therefore, to attract more consumers to stay in smart hotels, smart hotels must improve their overall service level. Various methods should also use to make customers become members of the hotel and attract customers to stay again.

For example

According to information analysis, customers who choose economical housing account for a large proportion of all customers. It can see that a smart hotel is a consumer group formed mainly by mass consumption. Therefore, smart hotels should increase their efforts to build this type of room in terms of management and configuration to meet more customer needs. In addition, to enable smart hotels to develop better, relevant infrastructure should also establish and improve. The infrastructure should have the characteristics of comfort and safety. For example, many customers will bring children to stay with them, so the hotel can prepare some toys for children to play with and some family suites and other services.

When customers stay in a hotel, their comfort should take into account. Smart hotels should also pay special attention to customer safety. In addition to ensuring that there are no security risks in infrastructure and security facilities, they should also ensure the security of customers’ personal information. Possible problems such as customer security information leakage can analyze based on big data. And an information early warning mechanism can establish and improved. The relevant information of customer information shall not disclose. And the security of customer information can guarantee as much as possible.


All in all, in the new era of modernization, hotel management should also keep up with the development trend of the times, introduce popular science and technology including computer information technology and Internet technology, realize the optimization and adjustment of the hotel management system, and improve the service quality of the entire hotel industry according to the requirements of the people for the quality of life, and promote the long-term and stable development of the hotel industry.

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Correlation or Relationship between Big Data and Smart Hotel Management; Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash.

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