The Meaning and Essence of Leadership in the Business

Leadership is a process of influencing the behavior of other people to work willingly towards the achievement of organizational goals. It involves existence of a leader and followers. So leadership is an exercise to influence the behavior of the followers towards attainment/achievement of specified goals. Here the person who guides or directs his followers is known as leader.

Leadership is a process of influence: Leadership is a process whose important ingredient is the influence exercised by the leader on group members. A person is said to have an influence over others when they are willing to carry out his wishes and accept his advice, guidance and direction. Successful leaders are able to influence the behavior, attitudes and beliefs of their followers.

Leadership is the function of stimulation: Leadership is the function of motivating people to strive willingly to attain organizational objectives. Leaders are considered successful when they are able to subordinate the individual interests of the employees to the general interests of the organization. A successful leader guides his subordinates to have their individual goals set by themselves in such a way that they do not conflict with the organizational objectives. When this congruency is achieved, workers act enthusiastically to achieve these goals.

Leadership gives an experience of helping attain the common objectives: Under successful leadership, every person in the organization feels that his operation, however minor it may be, is vital to the attainment of organizational objectives. It happens when the manager feels the importance of individuals, gives them recognition and tells them about the importance of activities performed by them.

Employees must be satisfied with the type of leadership provided: Only short-term productivity of employees can be increased by pressure and punishment. This approach is not in the long-term interests of the organization. Force generates counter force, which results in a decreased long-term productivity. Long-term interests of the organization are best served when managers allow subordinates to influence their behavior, particularly when subordinates are knowledgeable and competent. A good manager recognizes the fact that leadership is a shared function. A good leader shares everything with his followers; he shares credit, he shares blame, he shares ideas, opinion and experience.

Leadership is related to a situation: When we talk of leadership, it is always related to a particular situation, at a given point of time and under a specific set of circumstances. That means leadership styles should be different under different circumstances. At one point of time, the subordinates may accept the autocratic behavior of the leader while at a different point of time and under a different set of circumstance, only participative leadership style may be successful. That is why, it is said that leadership is always particular and not general.

Meaning and Essence of Leadership in the Business! Change is the only unchanging features in this changing world. Everything surrounding us changes with the passage of time to be in line with modernization. The ongoing business environment is no exception when it comes to this trend. Modern business is on a triumphant march through tracking changes via hard work from the most efficient business leaders.New Roles of Human Resource Management in Business Development.

Effective leaders adopt strategies and techniques to try to win or take the lead in the competitive market, which is ultimately a game of “survival of the fittest.” In both good and bad times, there is always a need for quality leadership. The success of a business or an industry is mostly dependent on the leaders it gets or inherits. The successful implementation of desired leadership techniques is crucial for meeting the changing demands in business. The mystique of leadership in and of itself makes it one of the most widely debated, studied and sought-after commodities in business.

The Meaning of Leadership

Leadership is the social process of influencing the behaviors of others without posing any threats of violence. It is a process of influencing the thoughts, attitudes and behaviors of others by setting a direction that helps visualize what they can hope to achieve or what lies ahead for them. It’s the capability of getting other people to do something significant through harnessing their efforts jointly.Be The Change You Want to See in The World.

Leadership in a very ordinary sense refers to creating a group of followers whom another individual leads. Merely accompanying a group of people isn’t leadership unless the person actually is choosing and showing a direction to the followers.Be Your Extraordinary Self, Without followers a leader isn’t a leader in spite of having the desired qualities or nature of a leader.

The Essence of Leadership in Business

The nature of business leadership is both a complex and compelling phenomenon. Many discussions of leadership confuse personality, important objectives, formal position and specific behaviors with acts of leadership. It may involve certain characteristics, but leadership is not confined to these characteristics; rather, it’s all about influencing others in a substantial way.

Whether the setting is a business, a government, an educational institution or in an athletic setting, most people would agree that having a good leader is desirable. A good leader is someone like a good physician. Just as the physician must identify the patient’s disease accurately to ensure the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment, the business leader must also be able to diagnose problems, values and voices while finding effective solutions.

In leadership you push past the average expectations by carrying a sense of mission, motivating, learning and inspiring new ways of thinking. This is known as transformational leadership. It emerges as the most updated and diversified techniques in the field of leadership theory and practices to boost workforce competency and performance.

Leadership and Management in Business

True leadership in business is a subtle quality, and thus we often confuse management duties with personal style with leadership. Management and leadership are related, but they are not the same. You can be a manager or a leader; you can also be both or neither. The biggest difference between managers and leaders lies in the way they motivate others. When executing plans as a manager, you focus on supervising results, comparing them with goals and correcting deviations. In contrast, as a leader you focus on energizing people to overcome hurdles in reaching goals. Effective leaders hunt pressing issues such as influence, power, dependence, and policies for change.Roles of HR Management in Organizations on Difficult Times.

Power, achievement and affiliation shape the basic human needs and are acquired over time to result in legitimate reward, coercive, referent and expert powers in business issues affecting leadership behaviors. If as a leader you have a high need for institutional power rather than personal power, you may be more effective. Personal power can be transformed into leadership abilities through the adoption of different approaches to leadership and adjusting your perspective of what the meaning of “power” is.

What we must remember when trying to expand and embrace the idea of being a leader ourselves is that leadership encompasses the field of a widely discussed phenomenon in the business world. A leader overnight is not made, created or born. The growing influence of global culture and workforce diversity makes the task of being an effective leader that much more challenging. In a very simple and straightforward manner, leadership is all about energizing people toward a specific goal. The theoretical and practical knowledge regarding leadership may facilitate you to implement perfect leadership strategies in business development and activities which you can then embrace using the required adaptability and emotional intelligence to succeed as a business leader.



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