Where are the free top 5 Online Cloud providers? Is there any permanent free cloud server? For some business needs, we want to save operating costs and need short-term free cloud servers or other cloud products. Or before we prepare to formally choose a cloud service provider. We can first experience the stability of its products and then formally choose a merchant to use cloudenhancer.com.

Here are the articles to explain, the largest 5 top free online cloud providers

At present, the competition between domestic and foreign cloud service providers is still relatively large. We can see that all major service providers have launched free accounts one after another.

For example, we can see that some service providers provide a 7-30-day refund guarantee for no reason, some provide free 1-3-month accounts, and some merchants provide free 12-month free accounts. In this article, the author is going to sort out the top 5 free online cloud provider products provided by mainstream service providers at home and abroad and compare them to see which ones are more generous.

Amazon cloud free

Amazon Cloud, as the name suggests, comes from the well-known e-commerce company Amazon. There may not be many choices among domestic users. After all, there was only an international version before. Which is not very suitable for our domestic users in terms of language and usage habits. However, with the rise of foreign trade e-commerce, including Amazon Cloud’s entry into domestic localization operations. Now Amazon Cloud supports Simplified Chinese, and the choice and experience are much better than before.

In fact, in the early years, we should all know that Amazon Cloud provides free qualifications for new customers. Provide 750 hours or 12 months of free cloud servers, and provide free experience services for 100+ cloud products such as databases, storage, and virtual private servers. If we want to experience it, we can apply, and we need to activate it with a dual-currency credit card. If you can use it, you can renew it later or use a premium package.

Google Cloud free

Cloud products from Google. For new customers, there are also free experience qualifications, and more than 20 kinds of experience products are provided. Unlike Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud provides a $300 account balance for new customers after activation, and it can be used for three months. If it is not used up by the expiration date, it will expire and become invalid. This method of gifting balances for new registrations is also relatively common among some hosting providers. For example, merchants such as Linode and VULTR have new registrations to give experience money.

Alibaba Cloud International Free

Alibaba Cloud International is also qualified to provide free cloud servers and other cloud products, and there are about 50 products. For example, there are two three-month cloud servers, one three-month 2G lightweight server, one-month Wuying cloud desktop service, one-month relational database, one-month object storage, and other products. Relatively speaking, the experience cycle is relatively short. Alibaba Cloud International’s free experience qualification is slightly longer than that of Alibaba Cloud China.

HUAWEI Cloud free

In the past two years, HUAWEI CLOUD has also begun to enter the public individual and enterprise users. Who used to do government and enterprise business. There are 10+ cloud services available. For example, there are 1500 hours of elastic cloud server ECS, elastic public network IP, and cloud hard disk EVS. If we have completed enterprise certification, we can get 1700+ USD worth of rights and interests. Relatively speaking, HUAWEI CLOUD has relatively few cloud products, but they can meet the needs of mass users.

Tencent Cloud free

Tencent Cloud is eligible to provide a free new account experience, but it needs to be mentioned here. If we experience free qualifications, it may affect our new customer promotions. Because the discount for the first order of Tencent Cloud’s new customers is relatively large. Tencent Cloud has different degrees of preferential treatment for new customers and enterprises, and of course, the preferential treatment for enterprises will be greater. There are cloud servers that are free for three months. 6 months of COS object storage and one month of a cloud database. Support 90+ free products to experience.


Selected the above top 5 free online cloud providers mainstream merchants from many products that provide free cloud services, and introduced the free trial accounts provided by these merchants. From these merchants, we can see that the free experience qualifications provided by Amazon Cloud are relatively generous. For example, cloud servers are provided for free for 12 months, and other cloud products are also available in a variety of options. If we have a cloud business, we can apply for an experience, and then choose to produce cloud products based on the experience.

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Largest 5 Top Free Online Cloud Providers; Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

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