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How to Get a Marketing Talent


Thanks to the exponential economic growth that has incurred interest in entrepreneurship, there are few who can say they have not looked into marketing for a venture of their own. Whether you are a minor jewelry maker or a mid-sized catering company, the ability to reach out to audiences and cultivate their interest in your products and services is invaluable. To take this leap of faith without due diligence, though, could lead to disaster. There are different types of marketing, different avenues by which to reach audiences, and most importantly, different needs for each specific business. Whatever you do, you must be sure that professionals you hire for their marketing expertise will meet your business’s needs. In other words, you need to know how to select and get the right marketing talent for your endeavor!

When looking for an expert to take your business to the next level of its brand presence, you must consider the qualities you find most crucial for meeting your business’s needs. For example, if your business is small and has yet to develop a serious marketing budget, the idea of reaching out to a marketing agency may be out of the question. While not always the case, many marketing companies take pride in providing the best of their team’s expertise to you on an hourly or project basis. While this is a great asset to have, each member of this agency’s team has time that is more valuable than many can afford for now. There are many awesome agencies like Pro-Papers  that also work with the company to discover their needs and their budget. It is needed to develop a plan and for a content marketing, for example and a workload that will be a good fit.

Overall, when determining what needs your particular business has and what budget it has to allow for marketing, the main thing to consider is the ROI, or return on investment. When developing projects, marketing strategies, or new products, a company must calculate and weigh the ROI of that particular project, strategy, or product against the costs it will inevitably incur. For the best determination of a course of action in the “hire or train” regard, there is one Return on Investment analysis that beats all the rest — the make-or-buy analysis. When you perform a make-or-buy analysis, you weigh the ROI of making one resource against the ROI of outsourcing that same resource by buying it from someone else. In the same way, you can analyze the potential Return on Investment of hiring a freelancer, hiring an agency, and training a team member, looking for the best return on each investment to find the best option, the one worth pursuing. The choice is yours, of course, but the use of this analysis is highly recommended in order to glean the best results for your unique business.

As for finding the same kind of talent at an agency, you can approach any of the firms that also work with your vertical. Many firms have a particular focus, such as a marketing agency that works with real estate agents or one that promotes local businesses. Whatever the case, the firm you choose will almost certainly have a contract or agreement that outlines the services they will provide you, along with a term of those services. When you enter an agreement with a marketing firm, be sure to read this agreement, as it most likely outlines specifics that can become relevant in the event that your needs change. The larger firms have the flexibility to meet changing needs of course, but the contracts are a different matter and must be considered in full.

No matter the reason and no matter the method, any business owner can be sure that a marketing plan of some sort will only help to strengthen the brand. Which kind will do that for your brand is up to your marketing specialist to figure out. Once you take the time to figure out your specific needs and reach out to someone with the ability to help, finding that marketing talent to bring your brand to the top will be a breeze.


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