Live Photo is a unique shooting feature of the iPhone for apple live photo, which can record a small video of about 3 seconds in length. After taking a live photo with an iPhone, sometimes it is necessary to capture one of the live photos. So how does Apple Live choose photos? iPhone If you want to select the photos in the live photo. You can click the live icon on the photo editing page to operate.

Here are the articles to explain, How to choose an Apple live photo and video?

First, open the Apple mobile phone to enter the system, and click the application of photos, after entering, select the live photo to be edited, then in the opened page, click the edit option at the top right, click the live icon at the bottom, and slide to select the live photo to be captured For a photo, select it and click the option to set as the cover photo at the top.

The Following step of choose photos in Apple Live below are;

  • First, turn on the iPhone and enter the system, then click on the photo application.
  • After entering, select the live photo that needs to be edited.
  • After that, on the opened page, click the edit option in the upper right.
  • Next, tap the live icon below.
  • At this time, slide to select a certain photo that needs to be captured.
  • After selecting, click the option of setting as a cover photo at the top.

What a Live Photo looks like?

Live photos can make our photos move, but we should remind you that since the moments before and after are recorded for 1.5 seconds, try to keep the camera as stable as possible when shooting, and don’t shake or shake. After shooting, the system will automatically select the best freeze-frame photo for you within 3 seconds and store it in the album. Of course, you can also change and choose other freeze-frame moments you like in the editing interface.

How to use Apple Live Photo.

The Apple Live Photo function allows users to replace the background picture with a personalized photo when making a video call to improve the call experience.

Specific usage method:
  • Start FaceTime or any video calling software that supports Apple Live Photos.
  • Tap the “Display & Camera” button on the video call interface to display the Live Photo options.
  • Select the “Photo” option to open your photo gallery and choose a photo you want to use as your background.
  • If you want to switch to Live Photos during a call, you can tap the “Display & Camera” button again to reselect the photo.
Use another image as your Live Photo background
  • Create a new album in the Photos app and import the image you want as your Live Photo background into that album.
  • Edit the image in the Photos app, such as resizing, rotating, etc., to fit the image to the size and orientation of the Live Photo background.
  • Select that album in your video calling software and choose the picture you want as your Live Photo background from there.
Long Exposure for Live Photos

In the past, when we used the camera to shoot, we often used slow shutter speeds or long exposures to achieve interesting effects to record the motion blur of objects or people. While the iPhone doesn’t allow users to automatically adjust the shutter time. Live Photos allow us to achieve equally interesting long-exposure effects.

Traffic flow can record through such adjustments, and even the effect of optical flow can obtain at night. It can also capture the movement of snow or fast-moving clouds. Not only fast-moving natural phenomena or objects but also can use on characters, such as expressing the feeling of crowds.


The live photo will have a certain loss in the resolution of the screen during my use. So you can keep it turned off in daily life and flexibly turn it on according to your needs.

Note that the use of the Apple Live Photo function requires certain hardware requirements. Please confirm whether the device supports this function before use. In short, the Apple Live Photo function is very convenient and practical. Which allows you to show your personality during video calls and add some fun to the call.

How to choose an Apple live photo and video Image
How to choose an Apple live photo and video? Image by Pexels from Pixabay.

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