Diablo 2 battle. Net and Diablo 2 stand-alone have different fun and ideas. The Diablo 2 Resurrected production team is more considerate so that the stand-alone can also do battle. Net’s Rune language and world events, etc. so that it will be more friendly to the stand-alone newcomers. I haven’t played battle.net for a long time, so I don’t have much experience in battle.net. Later, I said more about stand-alone players. If you need tobuy D2R items, Aoeah.com is going to be your most reliable online store.

Here is the article to explain, Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin and Barbarian Guide Reviews!

There will be more interaction among people in battle.net. They will lead the team to pass customs and send daily necessities. Many novel training methods will go through the most difficult moments without pressure. Relatively speaking, they are more utilitarian. Some people will focus on PK; The single machine is more Buddhist. After all, there is the mercenary God in the second act. Some less powerful even self-abuse play methods can scrape and scrape customs clearance. Some people focus on how to make the role clear customs under various restrictions. Of course, brushing equipment is an eternal theme.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin and Barbarian Guide Reviews Image
Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin and Barbarian Guide Reviews.

Seven Heroes:

Paladin, barbarian, mage, necromancer, Amazon female warrior, assassin, and Druid. Each hero has different playing methods.

During the internal test, players found that the mage’s [icy control] skill in this Diablo 2 reset can reduce the resistance of ineffective monsters in the icy system and realize the breaking exemption (originally not). Therefore, the icy mage may have more advantages than before. Let’s briefly introduce the roles of paladin and barbarian.


It’s a captain. It has good physical attack and defense ability, and a kind of practice method of powerful magic output.

Practice method of Physics Department: [double heat]

Elemental damage practising method: [revenge], [Impact], [holy fire], [holy ice]

Practice method of magic department: [hammer] (also known as “chicken leg”)

The most suitable route for newcomers is the element practice method in the early stage (white heat + offensive aura [Holy Shock] or [holy fire]), which is washed into [hammer] practice method through free [washing point] in the middle and later stage, followed by the pure physical [double heat] practice method (white heat + fanatical aura), and the [revenge] practice method including element damage, In addition, paladins also have a magic skill [shield strike] with 95% hit rate and [Divine Shield] to strengthen blocking and defense, which is very easy to use.


Don’t think barbarians can only attack physically. Barbarians can cast their spells as fast as mages. There are some practices. Barbarians holdDiablo 2 Resurrected item[wizard’s thorn] skeleton knives, Put on the puzzle a of “proof of poverty relief” (the “Puzzle” of the language of runes requires 2 advanced runes and transmission skills, which can greatly improve the game experience, referred to as tp, homophonic poverty relief a, very vivid).

Practice method of Physics Department: [frenzy], [concentration], [whirlwind]

Auxiliary practice method: [singing]

Newcomers may suffer a little from opening up wasteland with barbarians, but if they play battle.net, barbarians are very popular, because of their magic skills [Combat physique], [Combat Command], and [shouting], commonly known as three roars.

[Combat physique] it can greatly increase the HP and mana limit of the whole team (yourself, mercenaries; other team players, all kinds of friendly summoned creatures), so that poor mages can also turn into little blood cows [battle command] can improve all skill levels of the whole team, and [shouting] can greatly improve the defense of the whole team. The roar of barbarians, the aura of paladins, the curse of necromancers, and the transmission, pathfinding, and strengthening of mages are all the great advantages of forming a team to open up wasteland.

Other things;

Among several physical training methods; the whirlwind is the fastest to form, concentration is the most comfortable, and frenzy runs fast. You can choose according to your preferences.

It’s a captain, the Paladin. With high physical attack and defense, it’s a great tool for learning how to cast spells with great strength.

The physics department’s practice method: [increased temperature]

Practice your elemental damage using the following methods:

Using a hammer as a practice tool in the magic department (also known as “chicken leg”)

While the element practice method (white heat + offensive aura [Holy Shock] or [holy fire]) is the most appropriate starting point for newcomers, it is gradually washed into the [hammer] practice method through the “free washing point,” followed by the pure physical “double heat” practice method (white heat + fanatical aura), and finally, the [revenge] practice method including element damage. Aside from that, paladins have a magic talent called [shield strike] that has a 95% hit rate and another called [Divine Shield] that boosts blocking and defense.

Do not assume that barbarians are limited to physical attacks. Barbarians, on the other hand, can cast spells just as quickly as mages. A few methods are in use. Barbarians use Diablo 2 Resurrected Items (Wizard’s Thorn) skeleton knives as a weapon of choice, and “Poverty alleviation evidence” is added to the problem (the “Puzzle” of the language of runes requires 2 advanced runes and transmission skills; which can greatly improve the game experience, referred to as tp a homophonic poverty relief a, very vivid).

Physics Department’s Method of Practice: whirlwind, frenzied, concentrated

Additional technique: [singing]

Even while newcomers may be put off by the prospect of seeing barbarians in the open wasteland, those who play on Battle.net will quickly discover that barbarians are very popular because of their unique combination of magic, combat command, and [shouting], known as the “three roars.”

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