Community Nursing and Hospital Nursing; With the development of society, medical services have entered people’s daily life, especially the development of community medicine. Which provides more convenient services for residents’ health. Community medical care is an important aspect of my country’s medical system. With the arrival of the aging society and the deterioration of the environment, chronic diseases have become an important factor that endangers the health of Chinese residents. At the same time, the prevention of hepatitis B, HIV, and other viruses makes community medical care play a role in becoming more and more important. Community medical care roles in residents and the understanding of residents and familiarity with the environment are the main advantage.

Here are the articles to explain, The Difference Between Community Nursing and Hospital Nursing

At the same time, it has certain differences compared with hospitals in terms of medical facilities and personnel structure. Whether community medical care needs to be unified with hospital medical care. Or whether it should highlight its characteristics has become an important issue in community medical services. This paper mainly explores the differences between community nursing and hospital nursing. To promote community nursing to develop its nursing model and give full play to its advantages.

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The current society is in an important period of profound changes in the medical model. And medical work has shifted from the previous disease-centered to the biological-psychological-social model. Community medical care, as the medical service institution closest to residents’ lives, should do a good job in daily health management. Compared with hospital nursing, community nursing needs to provide corresponding services and management for residents’ health and living conditions, and the fundamental difference between the two determines in terms of work content.

Our country’s community medical care is suitable for our country’s national conditions. But it also plays the role of some private doctors. In this case, it is completely unfeasible to copy all the nursing models of hospitals. Therefore, hospital nursing should use as a reference to create a nursing model that is more suitable for community nursing.

The difference in work content

Nursing has clearly defined nursing procedures are the most basic working methods for nursing staff. Nursing procedures refer to the basic work procedures that nurses must follow to provide corresponding services and care for nursing objects. It covers system theory, basic needs theory, information exchange theory, problem-solving theory, etc. in the application of basic theory, and implements work tasks through steps such as evaluation, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Fundamentally speaking, both community nursing services and hospital nursing services work according to the corresponding theories and work steps mentioned above, but the nursing work in hospitals pays more attention to restoring the health of patients, treating diseases, health education, life intervention, etc. It rarely plays a role; community nursing is completely different.

Best work content

As a medical service institution in the community. It plays a certain role in managing and monitoring the health of the entire community. So more attention is paid to promoting and maintaining the health of the entire community in the work, Pay more attention to health education and disease prevention at work.

The fundamental task of community nursing service is to improve the physical, psychological, and social health of the whole community, so the two are different in terms of work content. In community nursing service work, while providing overall care, patients need to participate in nursing and self-management. At the same time manage diseases and pathogenic factors in the community at any time through work. Take active intervention measures to ensure the health of residents. Community nursing work is continuous work. Which not only needs to connect throughout the year but even runs through the entire life cycle of residents. The nursing work of the hospital is more staged. After the treatment is over, the patient leaves the hospital and is not under the jurisdiction of the hospital.

Differences in Nursing Objects

Nursing work in hospitals has great limitations. It only cares for patients with different degrees of disease and provides nursing services for those who are relatively vulnerable in terms of physiology, psychology, and society. The object of community nursing is completely different. It usually takes the entire population in a certain area or community as the object of care. Which includes three levels: individual, family, and society, including sick groups, groups with high-risk factors for disease, and healthy people.

Compared with hospital nursing work, community nursing pays more attention to the sociological attributes of people. Which also determines the difference in the way the two work. In hospital nursing, there is an interdependent relationship between nursing staff and patients. And patients need to follow the guidance of nursing staff to play a better role in the treatment of diseases. So there is a better basis for cooperation between doctors and patients.

Other objects

In community nursing services, nursing staff need to monitor and prevent the health of the entire community and pay more attention to public safety. This requires everyone to participate in the prevention of diseases and the adjustment of living habits. Which undoubtedly has higher responsibility requirements.

Because patients not only need to be responsible for themselves but also need to be responsible to the whole community. As a service department without real power, how to promote everyone’s participation in the work is a difficult point in the work. Therefore, in the development of the work, the nursing staff will actively establish deeper cooperation and connection with the community management department, patients, and healthy people, and complete the work tasks through various strategies. In nursing work, community nursing will undoubtedly pay more attention to the nursing of people’s social attributes. To coordinate the health habits of community members as a whole.

Different working environments

Community care and hospital care differ greatly in terms of the working environment. The working environment of the hospital is relatively fixed. At the same time, the hospital has more complete rules and regulations, coordinates the work of medical staff, and has complete facilities, processes, and training systems. However, community nursing needs to work independently under the configuration of limited facilities and personnel, and the service objects have more initiative. Community care needs to consider the living area, convenience, safety, and other aspects of patients.

At work, community nursing has relatively little demand for corresponding equipment and medical support. What is more prominent is to promote community groups to participate in health concerns with certain services and strategies. At the same time, in terms of management environment, hospital nursing work is managed according to regions and specialties. But it is difficult to achieve professional management in community work and can only be managed according to regions. This also puts forward different demands on the quality of personnel.

Differences in the quality of personnel

The above analyzes the differences in work content, nursing objects, and working environment in community nursing. Which have a key impact on the quality of personnel. Hospital nursing pays more attention to the professionalism and system of nursing, mainly to cooperate with doctors’ treatment and maintain the health status of patients, so the requirements for personnel are mainly obedience, cooperation, and professionalism.

The World Health Organization has made the following requirements for community nurses:

  • First, they need to have a sense of responsibility for community health.
  • The second is to give priority to vulnerable groups;
  • The last is to be able to cooperate with individual cases, including individuals, families, groups, and society.

Therefore, community nursing work requires personnel to have certain communication and planning skills. At the same time, unlike hospital nursing which focuses on discipline, community work pays more attention to the flexibility of work development, and the professional attitude and personal requirements of nursing staff have a greater impact on work development. . Perhaps under the relevant management regulations, community nursing can meet certain basic requirements. But better work requires nursing staff to have a higher sense of responsibility and personal ability.


This article analyzes the differences between community nursing and hospital nursing in terms of the working environment, job requirements, and working objects. In actual work, this is all carried out out of concern for people, and the essence of work is to maintain human health and safety. Therefore, no matter what kind of work is different, caring and loving for human beings as a whole is the focus of work.

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