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Big Data Environment Impact and Development

Big Data Environment Impact and Development Image

Big Data Environment with the development of society, the progress of the economy, and the improvement of science and technology. The coverage of the nation’s information technology is getting wider and wider, and the application is becoming more and more mature. Huge changes have taken place. Through the big data analysis of the consumption situation and development status of various industries. It can accurately position the development and market expansion of the enterprise, and achieve scientific division of customer groups. To effectively improve the economic efficiency and market competitiveness of the enterprise. Big data The role in marketing is also highlighted.

Here are the articles to explain, Big Data Environment: Important Impact, Reform, and Development

The article first discusses the important impact of the big data environment on marketing. Then analyzes the existing problems in marketing in the big data environment, and finally makes a brief discussion on the new direction of the reform and development of marketing methods in the big data environment.

Main Keywords; big data environment; impact and development; marketing method; consumption

During the rapid development of Internet technology, data information has become an important feature of the information age, and more and more massive data contained in information networks can be mined and practically applied. Which also gave birth to the emergence and rapid promotion of big data technology. From the perspective of enterprise operation, marketing needs to pay attention to and make full use of big data technology. Quickly and accurately understand and grasp the actual market demand and dynamic changes of users. Optimize and adjust product positioning and overall market layout promptly.

In this way, the marketing cost of the enterprise can be reduced, the rational allocation of enterprise resources can be promoted, and the economic benefit of the enterprise can be maximized. At present, in the context of the rapid development of Internet technology, cloud computing technology. Big data technology has become a prominent feature in the context of informatization. The application and dependence of all business operations on information technology have gradually increased.

Opportunities and new challenges

Given the new opportunities and new challenges brought about by big data technology of informationization, enterprises must constantly adjust their marketing strategies, be good at giving full play to the advantages and actual value of big data technology, and carry out comprehensive and in-depth development of the useful information contained in big data. In-depth mining of value information, and continuous improvement of corporate marketing strategies, to provide more powerful basic support for corporate market development. Under big data technology, all kinds of information resources have begun to show geometric growth.

Based on scientific analysis of marketing strategies, enterprises should use the role and value of big data technology. To obtain accurate market demand positioning and grasp the changing trend of user consumption concepts. And use this as a basis to change the marketing concept, and adopt more effective marketing methods. Continuously reform and innovate marketing methods. To promote the sustainable growth of the comprehensive benefits of the enterprise. Provide solid backing for the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise.

The important impact of marketing in the big data environment

From the perspective of enterprise marketing. As information technology and big data technology are widely used, the dependence on them is also increasing. Through the analysis of big data technology. It can reduce the time cost and labor cost of the enterprise on market research, and at the same time. It can also improve the accuracy of the enterprise’s grasp of the dynamic changes in the market. And quickly lock and reflect market demand information. To find high-value and high-quality customers, position products, promote consumer desires, improve the economic benefits of enterprises, and provide true, accurate, and comprehensive data support.

Therefore, under the big data environment, the impact of marketing can summarize in the following three aspects.

First of all

Relying on big data technical analysis to accurately grasp the needs of customers and consumer groups. In the era of big data, the information platform channel has become a powerful way for enterprises to grasp the dynamic changes in the market, and it is also a key resource for enterprises to understand the actual needs and consumption desires of consumers. Enterprises can lock customers through big data analysis and grasp customer consumption. need. And marketing is to connect customers’ consumption desires according to customer needs. Amplify customer consumption needs, and formulate corresponding marketing strategies around customers.

Relying on massive data information, using big data technology analysis and mining technology, accurately locating market users, firmly grasping market demand, and conducting market research based on customers’ individual needs, characteristics and hobbies, etc. Expand. For example, according to customers’ search keywords in the network platform, customers’ consumption habits, personalities, and hobbies can lock, and marketing plans can formulate accurately. Marketing strategies can also carry out through the frequency and cycle of customer consumption behaviors and product hotspots. Precise optimization, recommending and launching more targeted products for customers to meet the needs of consumers.


Predict the consumption direction of customers based on big data technology analysis. In traditional marketing, it is often difficult for companies to truly collect more comprehensive customer information. They can only analyze customer consumption directions and consumption. Through the analysis of customer basic information data, such as contact information, age, gender, occupation, etc. Analysis and prediction of concerns. However, this fragmented information can not improve the enterprise’s accurate judgment of customer needs.


Relying on the analysis of big data technology to promote the scientific formulation and also achievement of corporate marketing strategic goals. The main goal of marketing activities is to maximize corporate profits. Which requires continuous expansion of customer consumer groups and effective improvement of product pertinence. While looking for demand points from customer information resources, especially analysis goals for customer consumption

New directions for the reform and development of marketing methods under the big data environment

Build a big data platform and pay attention to information security

In the era of big data, the amount of market information data is growing explosively. And its speed of change is fast. Therefore, in the process of reforming, developing, and innovating marketing methods. Enterprises must establish the status of big data marketing and actively tap the technical functions of big data. Big data technology integrated into the reform of marketing methods to change the concept of corporate marketing. In the transformation of enterprise marketing, it is necessary to make full use of technological advantages. Such as big data analysis and big data mining to provide corresponding support for enterprises to make marketing strategic decisions.

In addition, enterprises should pay attention to the management of information security in the process of obtaining data information. Big data information data security management is a key influencing factor to ensure. The accuracy and authenticity of enterprises to obtain important market information and customer information. Enterprises should be able to ensure the security protection of customer information and prevent. The leakage of customer group information by introducing advanced data mining technology and analysis technology.

In addition, enterprises should also actively carry out the introduction of information management databases with high sensitivity, accuracy & security, and corresponding protective firewall technologies, to promote the integration of enterprise information and data, and provide scientific marketing strategies for enterprises. Formulated to provide a solid foundation for protection.

Strengthen cooperation with enterprises to realize resource sharing

In the context of the big data era, relying solely on the data information resources owned by the enterprise itself and the data analysis technology and mining technology it has mastered cannot truly fully and accurately guarantee the acquisition and authenticity of data information. Therefore, enterprises should actively develop a strategic cooperation platform for big data operation enterprises, strengthen technical communication, information exchange, and data sharing with data technology enterprises, and use advanced equipment and technical means of partners as well as professional talents to conduct data analysis and analysis of data information.

Collect, organize, analyze and store comprehensively to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of data information, provide more valuable data information for corporate marketing strategy decisions, and achieve strategic integration to solve the problem of corporate manpower, equipment, technology, and material resources. Insufficient problems, promote the marketing network of enterprises to the greatest extent and realize the acquisition of the final comprehensive benefits.

Clarify the position of marketing and optimize marketing strategy

In the context of the era of big data, enterprises must be able to incorporate big data technology into their marketing strategies during the transformation and update process of marketing and rely on big data mining technology and analysis technology to lock in the actual needs of customers, analyze and accurately predict Customers’ consumption preferences, and use this to improve and perfect the marketing strategy, to meet the actual needs of customers and consumer groups in a more targeted manner, and to enhance the company’s marketing value.

Among them, enterprises should be able to combine Internet technology, big data technology, cloud computing, and other values ​​to substantially improve the level of enterprise marketing decision-making ability, lay a solid foundation for the future development of enterprises, and enable them to obtain more operational benefits. For example, expand the network marketing platform, perfectly integrate online and offline marketing platforms, comprehensively and accurately conduct consumer consumption information and scientific predictions, continuously improve the level of information collection, processing, and analysis of big data platforms, accurately grasp the needs of customers, provide more accurate marketing solutions for user groups, and realize the improvement of enterprise marketing strategies based on meeting customer consumption needs.

Innovative marketing methods to improve personalized services

With the continuous growth of people’s economic income, people pay more and more attention to the improvement of material living standards and pay more attention to the service level of enterprises. Therefore, in the process of formulating and improving marketing strategies, enterprises must be able to summarize and analyze various market data, especially carefully analyzing product information and marketing service data, and use this as a basis to carry out marketing models.

Optimize to provide customers with more personalized services. On the one hand, enterprises must be able to conduct research on consumer demand around the company’s products and service items in light of reality, find out the problems and deficiencies in them, and clarify the direction of improvement, to optimize marketing planning; the other hand, enterprises must actively Pay close attention to the development status of e-commerce marketing, conduct investigations on the actual situation of enterprise products and services through big data analysis, narrow the distance with customers, provide customers with more targeted services, and improve user service experience.

Tap potential customers and carry out precision marketing

In the era of big data, the transformation and innovation of corporate marketing strategies must be able to master the skills of mining potential customers, use big data to mine potential customers, and help companies gain a higher competitive advantage in the fierce market competition. Therefore, in addition to providing good services, it is also necessary to mine potential customers.

Enterprises must be able to give full play to the value and role of big data technology. Conduct careful analysis and in-depth planning for customer groups. Tap customer groups with potential consumption capabilities, expand their markets and increase corporate profits. In addition, it is also necessary to be able to use big data means and new media channels to promote the enterprise. Enhance the influence and attractiveness of the enterprise, cooperate with APPs with stable users. Provide a solid foundation for the expansion of the enterprise marketing channels, and carry out more precise and targeted personalized marketing.


To sum up, in today’s era of rapid development of big data technology applications, enterprises must fully realize the value and role that big data technology can bring in the process of marketing innovation and development, and pay attention to For the importance of data mining, continuously improve and perfect the marketing strategy and marketing system, actively establish a big data marketing center, and actively carry out the establishment and integration of marketing databases, constantly change the concept of marketing strategies, and establish big data Thinking, deeply integrate big data technology and marketing, and give full play to the supporting role that big data technology can bring, to continuously optimize the level and quality of marketing reform and improve the marketing efficiency of enterprises. The overall horizontal effect ensures the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Big Data Environment Impact and Development Image
Big Data Environment Impact and Development; Photo by Emma Gossett on Unsplash.


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