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Be Your Extraordinary Self

Be Your Extraordinary Self

Be Your Extraordinary Self

So I thought to myself, as I do on many occasions, why isn’t everyone shooting to be extraordinary? The definition is fairly simple, isn’t it? ‘To be remarkable or unusual’ is the definition that Google gives us when describing the word extraordinary. This means everyone has the power, if they so choose, to be extraordinary.

Now, no one said you had to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs because that is just one level of being extraordinary. In order to be extraordinary, you have to be remarkable or unusual. That’s it! That can be done anywhere, at any time, and at any given moment! No cool software inventions needed! The Emperor’s New Clothes!

So, this means you can be extraordinary in the way you treat your friends, the way you perform your tasks at work, even the way you study for an exam. There are so many ways that we all can be extraordinary, but we first must choose this path of greatness to walk along. I get that everyone doesn’t want to be extraordinary, or that some may not care, but as we can see with all of the startup businesses, the YouTube explosions that form by the week (which probably took years to come about) and with how technology advances – the world wants more people to be extraordinary!

“Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible” ― Cherie Carter-Scott.

We enjoy people who are awesome, do we not? Well, some of us at least. We enjoy people who are happy even though they go through so many struggles, Who give back to the youth and help out charitable causes, Being unusually happy and we love to love. All of which, can done in a very extraordinary fashion.

No matter what you choose to do in your life, try to add a little spice to it. The iPod was no new creation, but it was reinvented and made “better” than it was before. Why can’t we do that? Why can’t we take the normal ideas of life and then flip them for our advantage? Are we not extraordinary people? Think about how many things you think of in your mind and yet you let them fall by the wayside because you feel like it isn’t good enough.

You think Duke Ellington became one of the greatest composers to walk this planet overnight? It took him years to become great, and he still had many musicians who were better than him when he first began performing. The difference between Duke and the rest was that he did everything with an extraordinary flair. After a while, his competitors were only memories that could seen drifting behind the A-Train.

Hopefully, I am making sense. I feel that we all have the power to be extraordinary doing something. Even ‘doing nothing’ may be extraordinary if you can find a way to do nothing better than anyone else can! But whatever it is you strive for in life, be extraordinary with it next time, and the time after that! You will be appreciated in the long run

BE EXTRAORDINARY… Forget about the doubters, forget about the people who can’t see past the END goal, and forget about any obstacles blocking your vision of greatness. There is greatness waiting on you, but patience is one of those virtues we just hate to understand. As I read Tony Dungy’s book entitled the “Uncommon Life,” I think about how extraordinary it is that this man would create a book devoted to helping others improve all year long.

He knows people struggle with reading books, and attention spans may be short, so what does he do? He creates a book that only requires you to read one page a day. Yes, it has been done before, but he found his own way of doing it – which means you can too. He wasn’t the great man he is today overnight! So with that said, keep pushing, keep praying, and soon enough you will find your extraordinary self! And sometimes, there really isn’t much to find because you have been extraordinary the entire time.

If you want to see someone extraordinary look up or Google ‘Nick Vujicic’. If you want to get an example of being extraordinary that young man will show you a great example! We should all be like Nick Vujicic in our everyday lives. So Be Your Extraordinary Self! Also, read it The Leap FrogOh, The Places You’ll Go!

Be Your Extraordinary Self

Nageshwar Das

Nageshwar Das

Nageshwar Das, BBA graduation with Finance and Marketing specialization, and CEO, Web Developer, & Admin in

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