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Are You Want to be a Caveman?

Are You Want to be a Caveman?

The caveman was the world’s first real entrepreneur. He had no choice. Either he got up, got his club, wandered into the woods, set his traps, killed something and drug it home each day, or he starved. He had to be able to out-run the fastest saber tooth tiger or he perished. There were no guaranteed salaries, pension plans, 401K’s, trade unions to protect him, deferred compensation programs, life and health benefit programs or Christmas turkeys or bonuses. The caveman had to perform each day, every day by the sweat of his brow and with his two hands and wit or he would not survive. Were there some cavemen who survived better and longer than others?

A caveman is a stock character based upon widespread but anachronistic and conflated concepts of the way in which Neanderthals, early modern humans, or archaic humans may have looked and behaved. The term originates out of assumptions about the association between early humans and caves, most clearly demonstrated in cave painting. The term is not used in academic research.

Sure there were! Some hunted longer, ran faster, got up earlier, learned to set better traps, learned to preserve their foods and prospered better than the others. These cavemen had the prettiest women, wore warmer furs, had better caves, bigger clubs and were envied and copied by the other cave people. Since mankind first came upon the earth, there were those who learned to excel over others. There always have been those who, through their willingness to take calculated risks, work harder, work smarter, work longer, develop their skills and improve themselves, achieve when others fail. This is true in the animal world. The biggest and strongest buck gets the doe. The fastest gazelle is never eaten by the lion. The smartest mouse is never caught in the trap no matter how large the cheese appears to be!

Nothing has changed today except that the mentality of the caveman has been absolved by today’s modern world. Most people today would starve to death if they had to survive by killing something and dragging it home every day. Most would starve if they had to really work to make a living. Many todays had rather live with tremendous debt, work in jobs that they hate and with people that they despise and live in houses that they cannot afford than to roll up their sleeves and change their condition in life.

Today, it is hard to listen to the radio without occasionally stumbling into one of those financial gurus on the talk radio stations out there. On every show, someone will call in to ask advice on the matter of personal bankruptcy. This person is always in debt because he has established habits of making one poor choice after another. He always has lived in houses that he could not afford, attended college on borrowed money, bought automobiles when he should have been walking and built up credit card and personal debt that was larger than his annual income. All of these callers want to declare bankruptcy. They are seeking advice as to how to get the process started. Almost none of them are willing to do the things necessary to eliminate the debt. What? Work two jobs! Nonsense! Work out a payment plan to systematically eliminate the debt. Not me! They just want to know how to wipe out the debt that they, under legal contract, legitimately owe. By doing so, they cross the magic threshold that converts them from a consumer to a thief!

They are technically robbing a bank! They are absolutely no different than the person who straightens his mask, sticks a gun in a teller’s face then runs to a get-away car. They are doing exactly the same thing except that the bank robber deserves more respect since he is more honest in his intentions. A thief is someone who knowingly and willingly steals from others. If we would today again implement debtor’s prisons, there is no doubt that personal debt would drop to near zero. Mankind has become accustomed to the cushions afforded by this society. Today, there are few consequences for a person’s actions. Because of this, the caveman mentality of eat or be eaten has been lost. As our bankruptcy courts have proven, many have become lazy and had rather steal than to actually work to change their condition. What is as disappointing is that society has accepted this and places little or no shame on the actions of these people!

This post is addressed to those who, like the cavemen of long ago, want to enter the world of entrepreneurship. This is a great country with opportunity hanging before each of us like a ripe, red apple ready for picking. There is no better place to be in the universe for those who want to enter the world of entrepreneurship. That world is not for the lazy, fainthearted, weak or unstable. It is for those who are willing to run ahead of the racers, to work longer, harder, faster and smarter. It is for those who are willing to break tradition, to color outside of the lines, to stand straight, to square their shoulders, swallow hard and kill something for the pot each and every day. It is for those who are not willing to live like everyone else. It is for those who do not want to be normal. It is for those who want to lift themselves above the crowd and, by their own two hands, shape and direct their future. If you fit this mold, then get on your feet, pick up your club, follow us as we welcome you to the brotherhood of the caveman and the greatest adventure of your life!

Nageshwar Das

Nageshwar Das

Nageshwar Das, BBA graduation with Finance and Marketing specialization, and CEO, Web Developer, & Admin in

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