SEA Aquarium Near Me, they give 5 Reasons Why You Should Come to Visit? S.E.A Aquarium Have you ever wondered how is the life of SpongeBob SquarePants? Underwater life has its charm that makes us curious more about what is in it. If you don’t have the chance to dive to the bottom of the sea, this is a call that you should visit S.E.A Aquarium when you are in Singapore. Within the open ocean habitat theme, enjoy the attractions filled with more than 4 million liters of water and millions of marine life. S.E.A Aquarium has been entitled as the second-largest aquarium in the world, in terms of species; which have more than about 100,000 species and large manta rays to huge sharks and little small little corals.

Here is the article to explain, SEA Aquarium Near Me, they have 5 Reasons Why You Should Come to Visit!

If by any chance you are willing to bring your family to S.E.A Aquarium, here are the Five Reasons why you should come to S.E.A Aquarium. Don’t forget to take a look at Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp go SEA Aquarium Promotion.

Largest Display Aquarium in Asia;

The open ocean habitat concept where S.E.A Aquarium houses more than 100,000 species of underwater creatures. The interesting part of this big tank aquarium is not only you can take a picture with the fish as your background but you also can dive inside the tank, pretty interesting, right? You do not have to worry about diving inside the aquarium, it is because the tank is PADI certified and open water thank.

Going to Shark Tunnel;

There are more than 10 species of sharks inside the tunnel with 100 sharks inside the tank. If you want to experience the adventure and the tense of meeting sharks, this place might be suitable for you. However, no worries that you will go attacked by the sharks because there are guards who monitor the sharks on a day-to-day basis; to check aggression and to make sure that the sharks are well-fed, so they do not need to go after each other and they do not need to fight for food.

The beautiful Coral Garden;

This is the place where they keep all of the larger cooling features, such as; schooling fishes, very large angels, emperor angels, Sohal tang, annular, and other different things in one beautiful coral tank. Your eyes will spoil by this place until you are reluctant to turn away.

Freshwater Exhibition;

This freshwater area is really interesting because they are vampire fishes inside – they have called vampire fish because of their teeth and very sharp canines in their mouth. They expose on amazon and are not very shy when it comes to feeding.

Meeting Elephant Fish;

Elephant fish is not fish and neither a shark, but they are like in between the two. The reason why they call elephant fish is that they are not swimming upfront and they are very deep water species; so they need that little snout in front to scour the floor to look at the food. Three different species come from three different parts of the world; In S.E.A aquarium, one that comes from Australia and one that comes from South Africa.

If you wondering how the aquarium exhibit would like, purchase your ticket now on Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. The ticket is available for weekly and weekend one-day tickets + treat + retail voucher for visiting before 11 pm. Be inspired at S.E.A. Aquarium to protect the world’s oceans!

5 Reasons Why You Should Come to SEA Aquarium Near Me Image
5 Reasons Why You Should Come to SEA Aquarium Near Me; Image byJessica AggreyfromPixabay.

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