Best Optimize PDF Files know with also adobe acrobat pro pdf optimizer too, here 12 simple best tricks! Well, data is the new real estate, and we have to optimize it. Especially when it comes to PDFs we have to make sure we compress PDF before sharing it to anyone online or saving it on our drive.

Here is the article to explain, 12 Simple Tricks to best PDF Optimizer or Optimize PDF Files!

How do I optimize a pdf file? There are a lot of 12 tricks and tactics to optimize PDF files. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Reduce the number of pages:

You can reduce the number of pages in your pdf file by using a pdf online compressor available online. Reducing the number of pages in a single pdf file will reduce the size and you can share it faster. At the same time reducing those extra pages will squeeze the size of PDF files and eventually results in taking less space on your hard drive.

2. Remove font subsetting:

Before compressing font subsets, make sure the text is correct and consistent with the original document. Sometimes the pdf compressor online may reduce the text from the original document to a huge extent. In such a case, remove font subsetting and make sure it is consistent with the rest of your content.

3. Make use of LZW Compression:

LZW is a lossless data compression which is being used for decades and has been adopted by the GIF image format. LZW compression will reduce the size of your file with higher rates than other types of compression.

To use this type of compression you must install Ghostscript, GPL Ghostscript, or any third-party application that uses this compression.

4. Convert multi-page PDFs into a single page:

Before compressing a pdf online, we have to make sure, we convert multiple pages into single pages. Though this has nothing to do with reducing the number of pages, still if you want to use a pdf compress online, make sure you change the multi-page pdfs into single-page pdfs.

5. Remove unused objects:

Before compressing your PDF files, make sure you get rid of all the unused objects in your document; this will further reduce the size of the compressed file.

Before removing any object, save your document with a new name and then remove them to see if they actually not use or require by anyone else or neither it is necessary for that particular document.

This way the size of the pdf will reduce but at the cost of accuracy which might be important for some users. But still, these tips can help save space without compromising on quality too much.

6. Remove metadata:

Removing metadata might help you a lot in reducing PDF file size as a lot of information add by the author itself might not be useful for you.

Remove metadata before compression and check if it is useful for any other purpose, otherwise remove it from the document to compress PDF a bit more.

7. Remove comments:

To further reduce pdf file size, we have to remove the comments section of our PDF files as there are no advantages of using them offline. Removing comments will not affect the functioning of your documents in any way so you can easily compress PDF files without compromising on their utility or functionality.

But before doing that make sure those are not important comments; if your PDF file has any type of code or formula, they cannot remove as it might reduce the file size but compromise on functionality.

8. Compress images:

Compressing images will further reduce the size of your PDF files and you can compress them without any problem or error. Make sure to use LZW compression for the same images to get better results.

Here are the few benefits of using LZW compression:

  • LZW compression will reduce the file size by almost 40 percent as compared to other types of compression.
  • LZW is a lossless compression which means it does not lose any information from the original document instead compresses pdf files with fewer errors and results in better quality documents.

9. Remove background images:

Removing certain background images can further help you optimize your PDF files for sharing or use online. This will result in a high-quality-looking document without compromising its functionality or purpose.

I know some people are not able to do it by themself but don’t worry; there are multiple pdf compressors online that can do it for you in a matter of minutes.

10. Remove unused fonts:

Your document might contain some useful fonts which not being used anywhere in the document; so, before compressing PDF files these unused system fonts should remove; if not required by anyone else so that you can save more space for other purposes like saving your pdf online; where limited storage is available for everyone to use depending upon their account details. Unwanted fonts should delete using Adobe Acrobat XI that comes preinstalled on almost every computer.

11. Combine images:

We have to combine all the similar images to reduce the number of pages from your pdf documents and further compress them without any problem or issue as some online tools can support compressed files with multiple pages as well but try it first on a new file to check if there is no problem while compressing it. Many times, we have seen people struggling because of too many pages in their document; which leads to unexpected error messages on websites that do not allow pdf compression online.

12. Remove empty spaces between objects:

Removing empty spaces between two objects will help you a lot in optimizing your PDF for sharing across multiple devices and storage spaces.

These were a few tricks you can use to optimize your PDF files; if you know the one that we missed in this article feel free to comment down below.

12 Simple Tricks to best PDF Optimizer or Optimize PDF Files Image
12 Simple Tricks to best PDF Optimizer or Optimize PDF Files; Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay!

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