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Conducting a Website Security Scanner Online

Conducting a Website Security Scanner Online

Website Security Scanner Online: If you do any type of website building or maintenance; you likely know the importance of running website malware and website security scans frequently. A website security scanner designs to examine your website for problems and then provide recommendations for remediation. These programs are free software that runs on your computer. When they detect problematic elements in your website that require repair, their reports provide information on what to do next. For example, a website malware scan identifies a web browser window with malicious software that you should remove immediately. A website audit will identify the most common types of website scripts that can install spyware and other harmful elements on a website.

Services offer:

Many businesses choose to engage the services of a website security scanner and malware scanner created by Symantec. Symantec offers both online and desktop versions of their programs. The desktop version intends to use by IT professionals and system administrators. Also, the online version intends for end-users who want to perform a website malware scan on their own.


A website malware scan by Symantec will identify the most commonly installed web browsers and the versions that they run. It will identify all of the security vulnerabilities in the software that allows an attacker to gain access to a website. It will also discover additional malicious codes that can add to the website or downloaded from a website. Each vulnerability will have a description that describes the issue and a solution for fixing it. This will allow you to address the issue and protect yourself from future attacks.


Each vulnerability will rate according to its risk to your website. This rating bases on several factors including the severity of the issue; whether it affects the website regularly and how much information contains, and if it affects website customers. For this reason, an enterprise scanning tool will often provide a website malware removal tool that has a separate tool for websites that have sensitive data. This is a vital feature because one website may not affect by an exploit at the same time as another website with less sensitive data.

Free security:

Some free website malware scanners do not allow users to perform a website malware scan with additional tools. Also, they often present you with a web page that has malicious code embedded in it. The parent website does not necessarily contain the same code. The parent website may contain the same code but code in a different way that allows it to present to users differently. Because of this, the parent website may not be affected by the same exploit that the infected site is.

Pro or free version:

If you decide to use a free website malware scan by Symantec; you may want to use a paid scan that can find other threats that may not be visible with a free version. A Symantec managed platform provides a website malware scan with an online resource and an online anti-malware application. You can also connect your Symantec Enterprise edition online with your web browser; if you are connected to the internet, and perform a free website malware scan. Once connected, you can view the screenshot of the web browser at the Symantec portal. If you find the virus definition, you can download and install the anti-malware that was created by Symantec Business Solutions.

Conducting a Website Security Scanner Online
Conducting a Website Security Scanner Online

If you conduct a website to audit with a free website malware scanner like Symantec; you should look for the following:

On the bottom of each web page, there is a security indicator. Also, Clicking on the security link will expand a window that displays more details about the vulnerability of the page. If you see an open browser window, that indicates that you can browse the website without any problems. The lower part of the window indicates the highest level of security that you can enjoy, as opposed to the top part, which means that you can browse the website with the highest level of security. To view all the security assessment results, you should click on the “Score” link under the “AVI” section.


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