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Writing the best Quality Blog Posts to Increase your Revenue

How to writing the best Quality Blog Posts to increase your revenue? maybe help with your Better earning tips. Writing usually involves a perfectionist attitude. The idea is simple: writing the perfect first project makes the revision process a lot easier. The only problem with this setting is that it can slow down or block the creative process. If you’re struggling with a perfectionist approach, this method can help you make the writing process more efficient.

Here is the article to explain, writing the best Quality Blog Posts to increase your revenue, these tips maybe help with your Better earnings.

Many bloggers don’t know how to write great blog posts faster, the best blog sites. Therefore, they waste a lot of time writing articles. If you are one of them and want to write great content for your readers and Google. Then you are here. Are you ready? For now, I will share the process of writing articles with you.

So don’t skip these steps and read this article from start to finish because with each step I’ve presented some secret strategies that will allow you to quickly write a great, well-researched blog post. Free and paid App for every writer, Come on, let’s dive!

Run with a good idea.

Stop looking for the perfect idea. If you have a great idea and look forward to then definitely try with it. See where the journey will take you. If the content you write can help your readers while stimulating your passion, your experience will sink in.

The first step is to come up with ideas for blog posts. I know it always hurts to come up with great blog post ideas. Having said that, I’m going to share a few tips that are sure to help you find great blog post topics in the next few minutes.

It clearly contradicts its value.

Many writers hold back the idea that they have to write the definitive guide to everything. Also, This creates a great deal of research material that needs to be reviewed. Look for valuable tips for creating unique guides. Focus on what you already know. If necessary, narrow down your topic.

Make a sketch or outline.

An outline will help you write when you have a plan. Freewriting can be fun, and some writers do it better, but most writers will be more efficient the first time you outline. Also, This ensures that you have a good introduction, content, and conclusion.

Many inexperienced bloggers just start writing their articles without creating a blog post layout, which is a waste of their time. Before you start writing your articles, you will need to create a blog post layout in which you will add your title and sub-headlines. Also, This is the fastest way to create your content.

Accept the idea.

The first project should be about generating ideas rather than perfect prose. Don’t worry about paragraph or sentence structure. Also, Focus on describing each idea to fit your outline. Formatting problems can be fixed during revision.

Improve it.

Writers avoid revisions because mistakes and flaws in the first project make them feel like a failure. Use the revision process to your advantage. Also, Fix what is already good. Improve the material with new or better ideas. Filter your message.

Edit by voice.

Minor flaws can cause major problems in published content. Also, The author is worried about typos. Readers question the writer’s expertise. That’s a bad combination. Reading your content aloud makes it easy to spot these errors.

Collect and compress screenshots and images.

This step provides you with the main benefit of creating a blog post layout. Once you’ve put down your blog post, it’s easy to know which image or screenshot you will use in your article.

Now you need to collect all the images and screenshots that you will use in your article. After you collect these screenshots, you will need to compress them. Now you will definitely ask me this question:

“Why we take compress screenshots image low quality and what tools do you use to compress your screenshots?”

Law? Don’t worry! We will tell you, you maybe try low kb of images and photos for the fast viewing posts page. Also, Try on the imagesmaller.com and tinyjpg.com website.

Writing the best Quality Blog Posts to Increase your Revenue ilearnlot Image
Writing the best Quality Blog Posts to Increase your Revenue; Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay.

Write articles without distraction.

After collecting and compressing your images, save them to a folder on your computer. Now it’s your job to write blog posts without distraction. Here are some tips on how to write your articles without distraction.

  • TIP 1: When writing articles, don’t include any images or screenshots in your articles. You can put “insert screenshot here” in your article where you need to paste the image. And bold this text and change the color. Also, This will help you find all the places where you need to put images after writing your article.
  • TIP 2: Don’t reread your article as you write it to check for grammar and spelling errors. Write it all at once.
  • TIP 3: I highly recommend you to write your articles on Google Docs to write articles without distraction. I also use Google Docs to write my articles.

These tips will help you write articles in a challenging and uninterrupted manner.

Now make all the settings by adding the selected image for your blog to the WordPress dashboard. Then add the title, keywords, meta description (e.g. blog description) to your SEO plugin (e.g. Yoast SEO and RankMath WP plugins, etc.). Also, Your article is now ready. You can post them whenever you want.

Then you can publish. When you work in a creative field, there will always be some level of self-criticism to create something that will be appreciated by others. Also, Focus on the help given and your writing will improve.

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