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Guiyang Tourist Destinations Marketing Development Strategies. Based on the rapid development of the new media industry, the tourism consumption market has undergone great changes. In recent years, tourism companies have had to meet the tourism needs of consumers to expand their market share. To this end, this article takes Guiyang as an example to discuss how to use new media to promote the development of local tourism and promote the sustainable development of tourism in my country.

Here are the articles to explain, An Analysis of Marketing Development Strategies of Tourist Destinations in Guiyang

Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou Province. It is located in the southwest of my country. It has existed known as the Forest City since ancient times. Its unique geographical conditions and subtropical temperature-humid climate form superior natural tourism resources. With the rapid development of the new media industry, people’s travel and consumption patterns have undergone great changes compared with the past. Therefore, Guiyang’s tourism industry should speed up its transformation to meet the challenges brought by market changes.

Current situation of tourism development in Guiyang

Since 2016, Guiyang’s tourism industry has developed rapidly, with as many as 37 major tourist areas. At the same time, because of the unique climatic conditions of Guiyang, a large number of foreign tourists come here. With the rapid development of Internet application technology, many tourists’ concepts and consumption patterns have changed. Some tourism businesses in Guiyang have not yet realized the impact of the new media industry on the tourism industry. Their marketing models still only meet the existing economic benefits. Which is not conducive to the long-term development of the tourism industry.

Current problems in Guiyang’s tourism industry

(1) Changes in ecological structure

Guizhou’s unique natural tourism resources mainly benefit from natural climatic conditions. However, due to the continuous increase in the number of tourists. Some businesses only recognize the immediate market interests and continue to invest a lot of money in Guiyang tourist destinations. So that the original natural landscape will no longer be available, exists, and stands increasingly commercialized.

(2) Changes in cultural form

In recent years, due to the influx of a large number of foreigners in Guiyang, the local culture has undergone serious changes, and many traditional ethnic customs are gradually being replaced. In addition, to absorb more funds, relevant enterprises and institutions have converted the original strong ethnic atmosphere into commercial bases, which not only lost the original ethnic flavor. But also lost the local natural landscape, making the city’s original exquisite handicrafts. No one inherits the technology and culture, which in turn affects the rapid development of local cultural tourism.

(3) Participating subjects are not formal enough

Relevant departments and local governments have not set up special publicity channels. And some institutions have formed a black trading chain regardless of their industrial image in terms of professional quality. Which not only has an impact on the local tourism culture but also destroys the psychological expectations of tourists.

(4) The development does not standardized enough

With the development of the tourism industry, many real estate companies find that the tourism industry has huge market value, so they are eager to develop tourist attractions. However, the real estate company is eager to return the funds and has transformed the original ancient town with a strong ethnic flavor into a new type of tourism base with a strong commercial flavor, so that the original tourism characteristics of the area have gradually disappeared.

(5) The product is not creative enough

Guiyang is a multi-ethnic residence in the southwest, and there are many distinctive handicrafts. But with the influx of foreign businessmen, many traditional handicraft techniques are gradually lost. Residents lack the concept of building national brands, which leads to the serious homogenization of products. Which is not conducive to the long-term development of regional tourism.

Several measures of tourism marketing under the conditions of new media

(1) Pay attention to the standardization of publicity

For local publicity, the most authoritative benefit is assistance from the government. Therefore, the government should manage the irregularity of publicity, and use new media platforms to strengthen regional publicity to maintain tourism popularity. At the same time, the government should issue a series of management regulations to limit the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources by relevant enterprises, protect tourists’ feelings, and make them enjoy a comfortable and beautiful natural environment.

In addition, tourism belongs to the tertiary industry, and its rapid development can promote the progress of many industries. To this end, the government should make overall management of this, to control the overall situation and prevent chaos from happening. At the same time, the government should also give financial support to the propaganda department. Through continuous efforts, to further improve the visibility of the region.

(2) Pay attention to corporate resources and public resources

The rapid development of tourism is inseparable from the help of foreign enterprises. Therefore, while managing the regional environment, the government must also negotiate frequently with other enterprises to attract investment based on not violating principled interests, to speed up urban development. Different from corporate resources, public resources have more of a guiding effect. The public is the main part of tourism, and only by creating a better humanistic environment can we attract more tourists.

Taking some small towns in Europe as an example, although the local scenery is not so beautiful, the hospitality and high-quality social security of the local people give many tourists a deep memory. As an important city in southwest China, Guiyang’s culture and ideas need to be gradually penetrated by the people. Tourism departments should pay attention to the dissemination of local culture in new media publicity, enhance cultural value and establish a cultural reputation with local characteristics.

Marketing analysis under the condition of new media

At present, new media information dissemination methods are various and have good dissemination efficiency, which has become the primary way for major brands to promote. Therefore, the local area should use new media technology to display special food, photos of homestays, and humanistic feelings on the Internet in the form of stories, pictures, or videos. At the same time, the government should publicize the characteristics of the region on its official website and gradually increase its publicity efforts.

But it should note that, because of the convenient flow of network information. Some institutions use these technical means to maliciously sell to tourists and even form a black industrial chain. To this end, information management technicians should always pay attention to such institutions and eliminate the formation of illegal industries. The following is a detailed description of new media marketing methods.

(1) Industry Platform
  1. Travel website: Travel websites are the most effective way to attract tourists. First, you need to build an information website. Secondly, several different tour directions are set up on the website. Which is convenient for tourists to browse information, and also facilitates the management of background data. Finally, the tourism website should not only have information about the play. But also other supporting service information, so that tourists can get more information sources while browsing the website.
  2. Mobile App: The promotion principle of mobile apps is similar to that of websites. But with the popularity of smartphones, most people browse mobile phone information in their spare time. Mobile apps can solve people’s fragmented reading and information requirements. Therefore, major travel companies can formulate marketing plans suitable for promotion on mobile apps.
  3. GAMES: Based on the booming development of the game industry. The tourism industry can use the naming method to infiltrate tourism advertisements. For example, when setting up a game scene, the city map of Guiyang can be used as the game map, and the landmark buildings of Guiyang can intersperse into it to form a This kind of feeling of arriving in Guiyang to play, and then enhance the brand exposure of “Guiyang Tourism”.
(2) Self-media mode

Due to the diversified development of network resources, self-media is no longer limited to personal use. Many companies use this operation method to rapidly increase the number of fans and gradually convert fans into customers to achieve the effect of promoting services. At present, common self-media platforms are divided into Weibo, WeChat public account, and Douyin short video. As the microblogging application broke the way that the audience passively received information in the portal website period, the self-media model began to be familiar to the public.

The so-called traffic is money, and Guiyang tourist destinations can register official accounts on the Weibo platform to push real-time interesting stories of the tourist destination, to achieve the purpose of spreading the brand culture in a wide range; it can also use related users on the Weibo platform, Such as senior travel experts, Internet celebrity V, well-known photographers, etc., to cooperate to achieve the purpose of promotion.

(3) Social networking

For the WeChat public account, its influence should not underestimate. Based on the explosive growth of WeChat users, the promotion of WeChat public platforms can also meet commercial needs. By cooperating with the writers of the official account, the content that needs to promote can edit into a small log combining pictures and texts, or a small moving story on the platform, to attract the audience’s attention and increase the audience’s attention to the tourist destination. degree, and ultimately achieve the goal of destination marketing value-added.

As a platform with the slogan “Focus on the New Generation of Music Video Community”, Douyin became popular on social networking platforms in early 2018. Hongyadong in Chongqing and Yongxingfang in Xi’an once became popular search terms on the Internet. As well as romantic Turkey, Tokyo, and Paris. Tourist destinations can use the Douyin short video platform to achieve a “viral” brainwashing effect with unique video or music expression, to achieve the purpose of increasing popularity in Guiyang.

(4) O2O mode

The O2O model is also a new marketing method developed based on the Internet, which mainly includes three parts. Online conversation, offline transactions, and after-sales service. Among them, online work is the most difficult. It not only needs to guide customers to complete offline transactions but also needs to help customers to apply for online membership, to earn service fees, so the O2O model is more inclined to be a service model.

The most widely used O2O model in the travel industry is the travel group purchase package. Because travel can communicate with everyone in the group, the communication efficiency is much faster than the traditional operation method. In addition, customers in the tourism industry must experience the value of products offline. Which fully conforms to the O2O marketing model. So far, the major tourism companies have made considerable gains under the O2O model. Which fully conforms to the existing market rules.


With the rapid development of network technology, the marketing development of new media in the tourism industry has shown a good promotion strength, and Guiyang has better natural landscapes and mild climate conditions. Therefore, the use of new ligand technology in Guiyang’s tourism industry is the most scientific development method at present, and on this basis, planning tourism construction, expanding ecological capacity, and promoting the sustainable development of Guiyang tourist destinations.

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