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The Concept of tax consulting exactly does

What exactly does tax consulting do? With the improvement and development of the tax legal system, the collection management tends to be standardized, the audit system is becoming more and more strict, and the demand for tax consulting is increasing. Also, Taxation consulting is demanded by taxpayers, and service agencies provide them with explanations and services on taxation expertise.

Here are the articles to explain, what does tax consulting specifically do?

The service companies use their professional advantages in taxation to interpret tax policies for customers, answer tax questions, avoid tax risks, use tax law knowledge and policies, and assist customers in tax planning in a legal, compliant, and reasonable manner. It is a professional and intelligent service that implements the tax legal system, publicizes tax policies, transmits financial and also tax knowledge implements guidance operations, and protects the legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers.

What exactly does tax consulting do?

The specific content of tax consultation includes:

  1. Consultation on tax laws, regulations, and policies, answer taxpayer customers’ tax legal questions, interpret policy rules, etc.;
  2. Consultation on taxation practice, specifically including consultation on tax collection management, tax handling operations, tax system processing, tax planning, etc.
  3. Also, Consultation on tax-related accounting, tax-related accounting treatment, differential treatment of taxation and accounting, etc.

Traditional tax consulting is merely to assist taxpayers in tax declaration and also tax planning, to make enterprises tax compliant, and reduce tax costs. Now the scope of tax consulting is more and more extensive, including not only the content of traditional tax consulting but also internal organizational structure design, enterprise value evaluation, transfer pricing, listing planning, international tax services, tax dispute resolution, etc.

For taxpayers, the use of tax consulting services can quickly solve various tax problems, save tax costs, and also increase corporate profits. The above is a detailed introduction to the concept of tax consulting and what tax consulting does.

What are the general contents of tax consulting services?

They refer to the flexible use of tax laws and policies and regulations to provide various services for taxpayers to achieve the most reasonable tax declaration behavior, solve tax problems, and also handle tax matters in the name of taxpayers under the entrustment and authorization of taxpayers. Coordinate and deal with tax-enterprise relations and mediate tax declaration disputes.

Below, let’s look at the specific services generally included in tax consulting:

Scope of tax consulting business:

Handle tax planning, tax-related review, final settlement, and also other businesses for enterprises.

Clients: Taxation involves many complex and changing legal regulations and practical issues. Enterprises with difficulties in tax processing, calculation, and payment are our service targets.

Financial consulting business scope:

All difficult problems of the enterprise in each financial link of the enterprise’s financial system, financial operation, and financial analysis. Service object: All enterprises that need financial technical support. Specific service content:

  1. Design of accounting system;
  2. Design and implementation of cost accounting process;
  3. Perennial accounting consultant;
  4. Also, Performance evaluation, and economic activity analysis.
Scope of agency license business:

Agency for various industrial and commercial, taxation, organization code certificates, and other related licenses. Service object: newly established and changed enterprises. Specific service content:

  1. Agents apply for business licenses, tax registration certificates, and organization code certificates;
  2. Also, Agents apply for general taxpayer qualifications, deductions;
The business scope of the accounting agency:

Agency account building, bookkeeping, tax agency, cleaning up messy accounts, etc. Service object: Newly established enterprises and enterprises that need to establish accounts and keep accounts. Specific service content:

  1. Create new accounts, bookkeeping, and prepare accounting statements;
  2. Act as an agent for tax registration, change, cancellation registration, and tax declaration;
  3. Clean up messy accounts;
  4. Also, Use of special funds.
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The Concept of tax consulting exactly does; Image by Pexels from Pixabay.
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