Learn, What is Intrapreneur? Meaning and Definition!

An employee of a large corporation who is given freedom and financial support to create new products, services, systems, etc., and does not have to follow. The corporation’s usual routines or protocols. A manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing. Also learn, What is Intrapreneurship? What is Intrapreneur? Meaning and Definition!

An intrapreneur is an employee who is given the authority and support to create a new product without having to be concerned about whether or not. The product will actually become a source of revenue for the company. Unlike an entrepreneur, who faces personal risk when a product fails to produce revenue. An intrapreneur will continue to receive a salary even if the product fails to make it into production.

#Meaning of Intrapreneur!

An intrapreneur is an inside entrepreneur or an entrepreneurship within a large firm. Who uses entrepreneurial skills without incurring the risks associated with those activities. Intrapreneurs are usually employees within a company who are assigning to work on a special idea or project, and they are instructing to develop the project like an entrepreneur would. An Intrapreneurs usually have the resources and capabilities of the firm at their disposal.

Intrapreneurs and Innovation!

Just as an entrepreneur starts a company as a means of providing a good or service, intrapreneurs seek policies, technologies, and applications that will help increase a company’s productivity. As an intrapreneur builds the aptitude for recognizing and solving important problems. He also builds the skills required to start his own business.

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Intrapreneurs and Experimentation!

Similar to how entrepreneurs experiment, an intrapreneur possesses the freedom and autonomy for professional growth. An intrapreneur has the independence to analyze and understand trends necessary for planning the company’s future. The Intrapreneurs synthesize their findings and determine methods for staying ahead of their competitors.

An Intrapreneurs and Company Leaders!

An Intrapreneurs become a company’s executive leaders over time. They move the business forward and rise to the top as they understand the business from all levels. A company should recognize and promote successful intrapreneurs so the business can succeed and grow. When intrapreneurs work at solving problems, they foster the growth of other talented intrapreneurs and integrate processes for the greater good of the entire company.

Example of an Intrapreneur:

In less than one year of working as eBay’s chief of staff of global product management, Healey Cypher realized the company was missing out on a large business opportunity. Although the majority of consumer purchases are made within 15 miles of a consumer’s home in physical stores, eBay was offering only e-commerce services for its clients. Because Cypher met many retailers, he knew they would want products for physical retail as well.

After consulting with eBay’s chief executive officer (CEO), Cypher assembled a team of engineers to find ways to use technology to enhance physical stores. The engineers created an interactive storefront that Toys R Us eventually installed. Over the following two years, the engineers did the same for TOMS, Sony, and Rebecca Minkoff. Cypher’s success became a new division of eBay, giving workers autonomy for solving problems and moving the company forward.

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#Definition of Intrapreneur!

An intrapreneur is nothing but an entrepreneur within the boundaries of the organization. An intrapreneur is an employee of a large organization, who has the authority of initiating creativity and innovation in the company’s products, services, and projects, redesigning the processes, workflows, and system with the objective of transforming them into a successful venture of the enterprise.

The intrapreneurs believe in change and do not fear failure, they discover new ideas, looks for such opportunities that can benefit. The whole organization takes risks, promotes innovation to improve the performance and profitability, resources are provided by the organization. The job of an intrapreneur is extremely challenging; hence they are appreciating and rewarded by the organization accordingly.

From last few years, it has become a trend that large corporations appoint intrapreneur within the organization, to bring operational excellence and gain competitive advantage.

A large organization can challenge to identify and encourage employees. Whose business skills and creative abilities make them good candidates to take on entrepreneurial roles within the company, yet still be content to retain employees. Some companies have dedicated research and development (R&D) departments. Whose intrapreneurial staff is tasked with exploring ideas that will help the company stay competitive? Other businesses embrace the idea of continuous improvement. A concept borrowed from manufacturing that encourages employees in research, design, sales, and production to work as a team to identify new revenue opportunities. Many successful IT startups foster a culture of intrapreneurship informally by allowing employees to pursue. Their own technical interests during work hours or by sponsoring events such as hackathons or other social coding get-togethers.

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