Writing in the style of the American Psychological Association (APA) often implies frustration for most of the teachers and researchers who must follow research methods.  Added to that, a new scientific language of writing rather than a literary style. They are also expected to dominate.  a rigid style to give your production the proper format for your manuscript. The styles of a written and formatted work under the APA modality it will vary if it is a book or an article to be published. Without However, the most important part of writing a scientific work is that its writing and con had is understandable not only for the common person but how much more for the expert  in the matter. Thus, standardizing the intellectual production in a particular style, it is makes it easier for the writer to focus in content and not in form. In the framework of this work, the strategies to plan, structure and finally write an article or paper – such as it was said— according to APA. Moreover, the content nest of this paper is just planned,
written and layout according to this style no by whim of the author but for greater assimilation of the reader.  The work itself includes the approach to following aspects:

  1. Planning what will be investigated;
  2. The logical design;
  3. The information search process;
  4. The style of bibliographic references according to a APA;
  5. The process of writing the work. The composition system of the final text (typography and layout). The planning of what to be investigated On the one hand, it is important that in the end planning what to investigate, the investigator dor is motivated with the object of investigation. Generally it should be a topic that interests you and that getting involved with the research implies a self-incentive to es- studying a certain question. On the other hand with the product of the work it is necessary to be able to intellectually satisfy whoever writes for it In this process it is also important to limit the object of study that should not be broad but concrete and specific because it is a paper. It is important to bear in mind that any process of investigation and intellectual elaboration own, be it an article, essay, book, thesis, etc., one must work in a scientific framework because precisely the process forces the researcher to order ideas, thoughts and structure the “what” will be written, the “how” will be done and “how much” should be worked (Sampieri et al., 1998; Eco, 2004; Lerma Gomzalez, 2009 and Nino Rojas, 2011). ˜
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Consequently, within the framework of a paper, the planning task consists of taking in Note that based on the content structure matter, you should search for any bibliography necessary for the purposes of the research object.  It is generally advisable to print the scholarly articles obtained and study them sequentially based on the date of its preparation or publication. Surely, it is very probable, that once the study process began, an investigator may come across some material to change the very structure of what is already planned by being a new theory or a specific approach. Under these circumstances, It is advisable to adapt the content and / or structure of the article – if necessary and if necessary scientific interest— for the purposes of the work that is being carried out and, in addition, if contributes to the object of investigation being =more precise. It should not be forgotten that the format is about a paper that should not be as rigorous as that of a masters or PhD thesis, however, despite the fact that it is an academic article, you should try to be creative and “malleable” to the investigative facts with which it goes- already encountering the researcher in the process of planning itself.

Logical design

Planning the investigation is important to take into account when writing an article academic  paper, take into account the structure logic that it must have To do this, he

The first thing to do is to make a conceptual map, expressing there the ideas of what one wants to write organizing the points that they will be treated either as chapters or sub-chapters. In other words, you should already design ˜a tentative index.

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An excellent program to carry out this task is freemind, which does not require any license since it is free software and allows export.

—Once the project has been structured— in text format, that is, its chapters, sub-chapters, etc., with what from that moment already has with the certain possibility of starting to write work in the word processor.

To organize the content in a logical way of the paper, having already organized its structure with freemind

Next steps:

  1. Choose the topic of the article to investigate. Yet not the title as its wording may vary in basis for the progress of the investigation itself;
  2. Prepare or write a Summary or “Abstract” of the article and that, on some occasions, may change its content once finished the job. Therefore, it is advised that once the work of writing the the entire paper is written the abstract by obvious reasons. Except, of course, that the researcher be clear about the reason for the investigation already carried out;
  3. Provisionally choose keywords or “keywords” in general no more than five. Once the work is finished it must be reviewed again. Keywords are important because once the paper is published they serve so that search engines and metasearch engines can easily find work;
  4. A provisional Introduction is drawn up until all the work is finished;
  5. The Main Content is developed or “Content matter” previously designed with the ˜conceptual map.

It should be clarified that the title content matter only serves to organize ourselves conceptually on the axis of discussion of what is dealt with in the investigation, with which, the con- content matter concept does not and cannot appear as a title, chapter, or sub-chapter. If more well the parts of the content matter to be dealt with, okay redundancy;

  1. Once the parts and / or chapters of the content matter and globally reviewed the work, proceeds to develop the Discussion using for this reasoning strategies such as sequential or dialectical argumentation and return AC. This stage is the instance in which the researcher must argue his scientific findings;
  2. Do not forget that in the process of writing an argumentative essay , one idea must be captured per paragraph and sequentially link the paragraphs using connectors. The connectors serve as a lot of help when it comes to linking paragraph with paragraph in the way the researcher wants persuade the reader in one way or another;
  3. The conclusions that they may or may not change the abstract, keywords and introduction previously written;
  4. If the content of the paper warrants treating final considerations or recommendations should be drafted so that the reader can take as the basis of a potential investigation the pending points of scientific approach. In In general, short but precise sentences are used affirming or not a certain fact, using for this purpose numerical or alphabet;
  5. Finally, as it is a paper and the intention is that it be read by the community scientific, it is important that both the title, abstract and keywords are translated into English.
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