How to Best Tips to Ace the NATA Entrance Exam

The Ultimate Guide and Tips to Passing the Nata Entrance Exam. Are you looking to study architecture? If so, you’ve come to the right place! The NATA is a national-level exam that you can take to get into an architecture college in India. It’s administered by the Council of Architecture in New Delhi. Also, The exam consists of 100 questions and lasts 3 hours. So if you’re interested in studying architecture, here’s a comprehensive guide to getting ready for the NATA.

How to Best Tips to Ace the NATA Entrance Exam: From Exam Pattern to Design Principles

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Understand the NATA Exam Pattern
  • Practice Previous Year’s Question Papers
  • Join a Coaching Institute
  • Improve your Drawing Skills
  • Understand the Principles of Design
  • Conclusion


Aspiring architects need to clear the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) to get admission to the top architecture colleges in India. NATA is a highly competitive entrance exam that tests candidates’ drawing and observation skills, aesthetic sensitivity, critical thinking ability, and sense of proportion. In this article, we will provide you with the best tips and strategies to achieve success in the NATA entrance exam.

Understand the NATA Entrance Exam Pattern:

The first step towards achieving success in the NATA exam is to understand its pattern. NATA consists of two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A is a computer-based online test that assesses candidates’ aesthetic sensitivity, analytical skills, and mathematical ability. Part B is a pen-and-paper-based drawing test that evaluates candidates’ drawing and also observation skills.

Practice Previous Year NATA Entrance Exam Question Papers:

One of the best ways to prepare for the NATA exam is to practice the previous year Nata question papers. By solving previous year’s question papers, you can get a good idea of the exam pattern, the type of questions asked, and the level of difficulty. Additionally, it helps in improving your time management skills and identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Join a Coaching Institute:

Joining a coaching institute can be beneficial for candidates who need guidance and structured preparation for the NATA exam. Coaching institutes provide students with comprehensive study material, regular mock tests, and expert guidance from experienced faculty members. Additionally, they also help in improving your drawing and observation skills, which are crucial for the NATA exam.

Improve your Drawing Skills:

Drawing and observation skills are essential for the NATA exam, and candidates must improve them to achieve success. One way to improve your drawing skills is by regularly practicing sketches, drawings, and paintings. Additionally, you can also enroll in art classes or workshops that can help in enhancing your artistic abilities.

Understand the Principles of Design for the NATA Entrance Exam:

Understanding the principles of design is crucial for the NATA exam, as it tests candidates’ sense of proportion and composition. Candidates must have a good understanding of the principles of design, such as balance, harmony, rhythm, and proportion, to achieve success in the exam. Additionally, they should also be aware of the latest trends and styles in architecture.


Clearing the NATA exam requires dedication, hard work, and a structured preparation strategy. Candidates must understand the exam pattern, practice the previous year’s question papers, improve their drawing skills, join a coaching institute, and understand the principles of design to achieve success. By following these tips and strategies, candidates can increase their chances of cracking the NATA exam and also getting admission to the top architecture colleges in India.

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How to Best Tips to Ace the NATA Entrance Exam; Image by F1 Digitals from Pixabay.
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